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Dear Students,

Please be informed that due to our limited budget, we have decided to focus on visiting students mostly populated around Klang Valley, PJ, KL, Penang, Johor Bahru and KK only.

If you have not received any official notification by Tuesday (22/07/2014) or Wednesday (23/07/2014) then there will not be any official visit by the lecturer.

We will try to be in touch with you by conducting a simple telephone interview on your training session. All the best to all of you. Ensure that your respective supervisor fill in your supervisor's report and send it to the faculty. The report should be marked as Private and Confidential. Also remember to send your LI report (LI report and log book bind together).

Thank you.

You are also required to send your Final Report & Log Book which has been compiled together.
The report should have 2 Sections: SEKSYEN A : FINAL REPORT (30%) and SEKSYEN B : LOG BOOK (15%)
Please submit the document by Poslaju within 2 weeks after you have completed your Industrial Training.

This system is best viewed using Internet Explorer due to the error received on latest browser's update.
Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Thank you.

Q & A


1. I can't login to the system
In order for you to be able to use the system, you need to be REGISTERED. Please register & inform Mdm. Nooridah on your current status.
Once informed, the System Admin will create your account.


2. How do I login to the system?
Please login using your personal credentials as given below :

USERNAME : Matric Number

Please CHANGE your password after first successful login. Then please update your profile, so we could inform you on the important information for the LI Visit later.


3. I forgot my password
Please email to system admin. for password reset.
The system admin will ask for your personal details to clarify your account.


4. Once logged in, what should I do?
If you login to your account, under the Download section, there is a To-Do list for each of you:
1. To confirm your placement.
2. To fax over confirmation form to your LI Coordinator or Mdm. Nooridah. Fax Number : 082-583764.
3. Click the first link, select your current company, and click the Confirm Selection button. (*Note: You need to do this first, before you click link no. 4)
    If your current accepted company is not in the list, please fill it under the My Applications section, Add Company.

4. Next, you can go to the Confirmation Form link, and check all your details before printing and faxing it to me. Fill in the empty details, like the company's fax number, and the date you report duty. Once settled, you can fax to the faculty right away.
5. For those who have not yet started their internship, you will do this AFTER you report duty.
6. For those who are planning/unsure if they want to change their company (within 2 weeks), you can wait, and notify your LI Coordinator or Mdm Nooridah on your decision ASAP.


5. I want to submit my cancellation letter. What should I do?
For those who need the cancellation letter, please use this template and adjust your data accordingly.


6. What if I apply the LI Company on my own, what should I do?
If you apply on your own, please arrange your documents in this order & submit to Mdm Nooridah for her record.

3. Resume & Certificates


7. I need to take emergency leave, what should I do?
Please go to the Download section to get the Borang Declare Cuti. You need to replace the leave you took & PLEASE inform your LI Coordinator for this matter.
You can write -Cuti/Public Holiday- in your Log.



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